We are now accepting applications for the summer 2021 NSF REU program in Microbial Symbioses and Diversity at the University of Arizona. The application deadline is February 15th.   This Program focuses on  More than 20 faculty participants from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Science inspire students by creating an atmosphere of excitement and creativity dedicated to the study of microbial biodiversity and symbiosis in plants, animals, as well as their role in ecosystem function. Each REU participant will work directly with participating faculty members and their research groups.  Summer 2021 participants are listed below

E. Arnold

J. Blakinship

K. Cooper

A. Dhar

F. Duca

M. Tfaily

I. Molnar

S. Ravishankar

P. Stock

G. Vedantam

K. Vandoorsaler

Program Overview