About the Race Track Industry Emphasis

This degree emphasis prepares you to work in business or animal management within the race track industry. Students who choose the business path may pursue careers in management, marketing, and regulation; students who choose the equine management path may pursue careers in training, the bloodstock industry or farm management.

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Race Track Industry Emphasis Courses

You’ll work with your adviser to create a course plan that includes required core and elective courses. Race track industry core course options include:

  • Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • Communicating Knowledge in Agriculture
  • Management and Human Side of Organizations
  • Agricultural Business Management
  • Marketing Principles, Concepts, and Tools
  • Business Writing
  • Physiology and Anatomy of Domestic Animals
  • Equine Reproductive Physiology and Management
  • Applied Animal Nutrition
  • Form and Function of the Equine Athlete
  • Equine Nutrition and Management
  • Equine Enterprises

Courses required to complete a bachelor of animal sciences with a race track industry emphasis at the University of Arizona are subject to change, so remember to meet with your adviser regularly to review your course plan.

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