Purchasing & Policies

The University of Arizona Food Products and Safety Laboratory offers various beef, lamb and pork products for sale to the general public. These include steaks, roasts and chops as well as deli meats, sausages and pet foods.

For available products, pre-ordering, current prices or more information call (520) 318-7021 or email fpsl@arizona.edu.

Meat Sales

Closed for renovations. Check back with us to see when we are open again or contact us directly if you have any questions


Refund Policy

Thank you for your business! We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchases. Our staff are happy to assist you with questions.

  • Meat and Food Products: To ensure we are providing the safest products to our customers, we are not able to accept returns or refunds on meat and food products.
  • Safety, Food Labeling, and Testing Services: Lab services require significant upfront costs for materials and supplies. Refunds are not possible once a customer has agreed to services.

Unclaimed Meat 60-Day Policy

Meat left unclaimed or not picked up within 60 days from initial invoice date will have its ownership transferred to the University of Arizona’s ACBS Food Products & Safety Lab and the minimum processing fee or down payment will be forfeited and not refunded.

Customer Signing Policy

Customer must sign a Custom Slaughter Agreement (CSA) before or at the time of delivery of animals. Customer is defined as the owner of animal or any person legally authorized – in writing – to represent the owner. Delivery drivers are expressly not allowed to sign the CSA unless previously legally authorized to do so.

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment you will need to cancel at least one week before your drop off date via fpsl@arizona.edu (preferred) or call 520-318-7021. Two consecutive cancellations (or showing up with fewer animals than scheduled) may result in termination of further scheduled harvest dates.

County or State Fair customers can fax or scan and email a signed copy of the CSA to (520) 318-7019 or fpsl@arizona.edu.

At the time of meat pick up, customer is required to inspect and sign a completion packet to ensure customer is in full possession of their processed order.

A 5% late fee will be charged after initial contact per month on balance due. A check returned as a result of non-sufficient funds will be charged a fee of $25.00

Payment Policies

  • Beef: A $500 minimum down payment will be charged at time of animal delivery.
    Full payment is required for harvesting and handling fees if animal is left in half or quartered.
  • Pork: A $200 minimum down payment will be charged at time of animal delivery.
    Full payment is required including if hog is left whole, half or scraped and scald.
  • Lamb: Full payment is required for lamb at time of animal drop off.
  • Goat: Full payment is required for goat at time of animal drop off.
    Offal cost will be added to invoice after weighting.

Outside Orders and Shipment

Customer is responsible to arrange transport of products to the customer’s desired destination. Once products are shipped from the Food Products and Safety Lab’s premises, we are not responsible for the condition of products upon arrival.

In the case of County fairs, where delivery is done by the FPSL customer is responsible for meat pick up at time of delivery at fairground or otherwise. Customer will be charged a delivery fee. If meat is not picked up customer is still responsible for delivery fee.