Safety & Testing Services

Microbial Evaluation

  • Live Animals
  • Carcasses
  • Cuts
  • Processing Equipment

Microbial Evaluations

  • Stores
  • Processing Facilities
  • Individuals


  • Carcasses
  • Processing Equipment

Chemical Composition & Microbial Analyses of Food Items

For the food industry and for consumers

  • Protein Analysis
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Lipid Extraction
  • Fatty Acid Analysis

Nutritional Label Analyses for All Types of Foods

  • Fat, Protein, CHO, Ash, Moisture, Cholesterol, Sodium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Calcium
  • Fat - chemical extraction - fatty acid analyses to get saturated FA and unsaturated FA, omega 3 & 6, CLAs
  • Protein - chemical analyses
  • CHO - by difference

Refund Policy:

Thank you for your business! We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchases. Our staff are happy to assist you with questions.

Safety, Food Labeling, and Testing Services: Lab services require significant upfront costs for materials and supplies. Refunds are not possible once a customer has agreed to services.

Customer should contact the facility 520-318-7021 or for sample preparation and pricing.