Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory

A shrimp crawling in water

The Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory’s missions are to provide services (disease diagnostic, quarantine, and therapeutic evaluation) to the shrimp industry worldwide, conduct training on shrimp disease diagnostics, and carry out basic research in discovering disease etiology, developing diagnostic tools, and understanding the molecular basis of microbial pathogenesis in shrimp.

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Cryptosporidium Production Laboratory

Dairy cows in pasture

Our laboratory provides monthly propagation of C. parvum (Iowa) oocysts in calves, purification and worldwide distribution to Cryptosporidium researchers at cost; conducts efficacy and safety testing of new treatment candidates in the calf clinical model of cryptosporidiosis; and conducts selection of monoclonal antibodies generated against Cryptosporidium available for a variety of research applications.

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Food Products & Safety Laboratory

Hands of person cutting pieces of cantaloupe

The Food Products and Safety Laboratory is a state of the art, USDA inspected processing facility with full harvesting facilities, processing and fabrication rooms, and an interactive auditorium classroom for instruction in meat animal composition and food safety.

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