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Animal Sciences Major

Transform your interest in animals into a rewarding career by studying animal sciences. A Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in animal sciences from the University of Arizona provides you with a solid foundation in biological, social, and physical sciences. The animal science degree program is a popular option for students who plan to pursue careers as livestock production managers, breeding managers, animal caretakers, and veterinarians.

Why Major in Animal Sciences?

Animals aren't just pets or wild creatures you see in nature. You understand their diversity of use from companionship, to food, to entertainment, and you want to explore how animals, science, and business can work together to further industry, education, and environmental and human health.

An animal sciences degree will prepare you to work in production animal agriculture, companion animal associated industries, research, or the health sciences. Moreover, an animal sciences degree can serve as a springboard into graduate, medical, veterinary, law, or pharmacy school. 

What Can You Do with a Degree in Animal Sciences?

There are a variety of career opportunities available to students who complete a bachelor of animal sciences, including:

  • Research technician: Support advancements in genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth and development on behalf of food production companies, farms, processing plants, or the government; or conduct research into emerging diseases, environmental health, food safety, population health, and bioterrorism.
  • Veterinary technologist or technician: Conduct clinical work under the supervision of a veterinarian in a private practice. You'll perform medical tests and diagnose and treat medical conditions in animals.
  • Dairy unit manager: Provide oversight of herd management, including data entry and animal care. Manage milking operations and oversee day-to-day animal health needs and related operations and records.
  • Breeding of race horses: Focus your understanding of genetics and conformation to select breeding stock that will product superior offspring. Assist with the care, record-keeping, and training of animals. Facilitate the marketing and promotion of stock.
  • Animal caretaker and trainer: Maintain animal cages, habitats, gear, and overall care at private and public facilities, including kennels, stables, and zoos. Trainers ofter gain additional certifications or on-the-job training to work with specific breeds.

Animal Sciences Degree Requirements

As an animal sciences student at the University of Arizona, you'll explore a wide range of animal science and industry areas of study including equine science, industry and production animal systems, marketing, research, and use of animals for agriculture, entertainment, and companionship. Courses required to complete a bachelor of animals sciences are subject to change, so remember to meet with your adviser regularly to review your course plan. 

Animal Industry

Student examining feed bunks in cattle feed yard

The Animal Industry emphasis prepares you for a wide variety of careers in livestock production, agribusiness, and management through a combination of core animal science courses paired with classes in agriculture economics, agriculture marketing, business management, communications, leadership, and personal development.

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Equine Industry

Students recording vital signs of horse

The Equine Industry emphasis prepares you to work in the management, production, and business segments of the equine industry through classes focused specifically on horses, such as horsemanship, equine nutrition, and equine reproduction.

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Race Track Industry Emphasis

Horses at the starting gate of a race.

The Race Track Industry emphasis is the first and only program of its kind in the country that's dedicated to preparing you for a career in the professional racing industry. This emphasis allows you to focus on either a business or equine management career path.

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Science Pre-Professional Emphasis

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The Science Pre-professional emphasis pairs core animal science classes taught about all livestock with science-intensive courses, such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. This emphasis allows you to focus on either an equine or general career path, and is a great choice for students preparing to pursue a graduate level degree, or for careers in science and research-related fields.

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