Christian Frazier Named Outstanding Senior

Feb. 25, 2020

ACBS graduate credits his success to strong work ethic and support of family and friends.


student bottle feeding calf
ACBS Veterinary Science undergraduate, Christian Frazier, working at the UArizona Feedlot bottle feeding a calf.

We are excited to announce that the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences Outstanding Senior in Veterinary Science Fall 2019 Award was presented to Christian Frazier.  Christian graduated in December with his Bachelor of Science degree in veterinary science with a minor in biochemistry.  After graduation, Christian will work at Pantano Animal Clinic as a veterinary assistant to work on expanding his skills in the veterinary profession. He plans to apply to veterinary school in the spring and once he receives his DVM to return to Arizona to help local ranchers.

Christian was born in Douglas, Arizona, and raised on a farm in Elfrida, Arizona. He comes from a family of livestock growers and beekeepers. His family took great pride in their beekeeping and so, since the age of five when he was first able to carry a bee box, he was out in a bee yard somewhere helping his dad work his colonies.

During his time at the UArizona, Christian worked at the feedlot for over two years, which felt like his home away from home.  He used his knowledge of working with cattle and his strong work ethic to become an invaluable member of the feedlot team. In return, his work there became one of his most valued experiences at the UArizona. His time there not only helped him to gain feedlot experience and knowledge, but also the opportunity to watch other students grow when they visited, which was very satisfying to him. About Christian, Amber Hubbell, his supervisor at the feedlot, says, “He is a true leader and has great passion for the health and welfare of animals.”

In addition to his work at the feedlot, Christian worked with Dr. Gary Thrasher, a large animal veterinarian in southeast Arizona.  He remembers, “The first thing Dr. Thrasher told me was that students who shadow him only last about three days.”

Christian not only lasted the three days but went on to work for him for three years traveling through Cochise County assisting with veterinary services. Working with Dr. Thrasher helped to cement his desire of becoming a livestock veterinarian to give back to the rural areas of Arizona. About Dr. Thrasher Christian says, “I idolize him, because he is so smart and humble . . . I could never thank him enough for everything he has given me.”

Another area that Christian excelled was in his work with the Collegiate Livestock Growers Association (CLGA) where he had the honor to serve as President. He worked hard to improve the club and gain support from state livestock and agricultural associations.

Christian would like to thank Angelica Silva, Gilbert Zamudio, Jessica Zamudio, Mackenzie Kimbro, Kelly Glenn Kimbro, Charlie Ferini, Maya Comaduran, Susan Barney, Angie Bustamante, Marguerite Connors, Norma Brandenburg, Gabriela Amavizca, Lisa Reed, Sienna Willis, Dr. Gary Thrasher, Andy Cline, Victoria Lowe, Dr. Duarte Diaz, Christina Garcia, Ellie Haluska, Amber Hubbell, as well as his parents, and grandparents. He shares, “These were the people that were there for me in some of the biggest moments of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am and the person I am today, if it wasn’t for meeting them.”

Congratulations Christian on this well deserved award!